Top Tips For Saving On Fitted Kitchens

New fitted kitchens are on the top of the wishlist for many families. It is constantly proven that a nice kitchen adds cash value to your home while improving the quality of your daily life. There is nothing like having a kitchen where everything just works and where there is enough space for pots and pans – and people. Also, as with any room in your home, it makes a difference when a kitchen looks good, makes you feel welcome and relaxed. We all know that the best place to be at a party – is in the kitchen, right? Anyway, are a few tips on how to save when you order a newly fitted kitchen.

Standard Sizes Equal Lower Prices

Kitchen units normally come in a few different sizes. Some go under the worktop, some go on the wall above, etc. Most kitchen fitters have a standard selection of units to choose from. These are cheaper than having units made to measure, so it is important to choose as many as you can of these if you want to save a bit of money. What is called standard may vary from one company to the next, so make sure you choose the design/to make you like first, and then concentrate on units from that company only. Study their catalog and price list and plan your new kitchen with the cheapest units in mind. Reduce the use of “special” and made to measure units to a minimum, and you have done much to keep the price down.

The Difference Is In The Doors

You can get all sorts of fancy doors for your kitchen units. From high-gloss paint to exotic hardwood. Anything is possible, and prices vary accordingly. But get this: behind all the clever looks, most kitchen units are basically the same. The most common material used for the sides, back, and the bottom is particle board. It does not get much cheaper than that. Therefore, if you want to cut costs on an otherwise nice kitchen, try and swap the doors and the worktops for something less posh. This will make all the difference – even more than avoiding special units over standard units. Of course, this also affects how your kitchen will look, so choose wisely. Of course, should you ever get tired of that look, you can always get new kitchen unit doors. They are easy enough to replace.

Choosing Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktops are among the things most people tend to give a lot of attention when buying a newly fitted kitchen. This is no wonder since it should not only take the brunt of the kitchen work but also very likely look good. Looks seem to matter to most people anyway. For this reason, people spend a lot of money on their worktops, and yes – polished granite tops are very nice. They are completely resistant to water, low maintenance and easy to clean. But not cheap at all. Hardwood is also very popular but tends to require care in use and a lot of maintenance if they are to retain their good looks. They don’t last forever.

So what about something sensible like particle board with a Formica top or such? True, they may carry less prestige than beautiful stone or wood tops, but they score top points for long life, ease of cleaning and maintaining, and if you make an effort, you will find dozens – if not hundreds – of stylish designs going way beyond fake wood or stone patterns.