Island Design kitchen

Now one of the most popular kitchen trends is the inclusion of an island. National Association of Home Builders has found that 80% of homeowners consider the kitchen island an integrated part of their kitchen. If you have enough space in your kitchen then do not forget to include a kitchen island in your design. It doesn’t matter whether it is a country design or custom design kitchen.

Kitchen islands are becoming more popular in that architects are finding more unique designs for them. Just before starting the remodeling of your kitchen, get an idea about those designs from the Internet and magazines. First, determine what the size and shape of your island will be. Contemporary, traditional, American folk and French country are some of the popular designs of kitchen islands.

The middle of the kitchen is the best placement for the island. Some homeowners use it also as a partition with the living room. So it’s your decision on how and where you will place it. According to requirements, include different facilities with the island.

The more features you can include in the limited space of the island, the more free space you will have in your kitchen. In most homes, it is used as a dining table. If there are two levels on your island then you can keep a stove in the lower level for preparing a meal. Extra counter space on the island will also come in handy. Some housewives like to have extra burners and an extra sink on their island. Try to keep enough drawers and cabinets so that you will not face any storage problems in your kitchen. It will also reduce the need for extra cabinet and shelves elsewhere. Some people keep a wine rack in the island. This is not necessarily a good idea as it is not advisable to store wine in places where temperature continuously fluctuates as this will ruin the wine.

Try to be creative with your kitchen design. It is not required to follow other plans at 100%. It is your idea; color it with your own creation, choose any style that makes you happy. In the same way, input your own creative thinking in island-building. You can include a shelf for keeping cookbooks or decorations or a bin for deep frying or grilling. Arrange both open and closed shelves on the island for more style. Do not forget to include necessary switches and plumbing as well.

If you include so many features in a single island then you can save a large amount in your budget for kitchen remodeling. Then you can use that extra money for other decorative work in your kitchen.